Gin and Cold Brew Coffee Cream Soda Cocktail

Gin and Cold Brew Coffee Cream Soda Cocktail

Gin and Cold Brew Coffee Cream Soda Cocktail

I’ve been drinking a lot of cold brew and tonic drinks recently and whilst I am a huge fan of that particular drink, a lot of people find it too bitter to be enjoyable. Often, consuming them with Gin, in large quantities, fixes this particular gripe, but I set about trying to find a delicious, sweeter alternative.

Enter Fernwood cold brew coffee cream soda, a deliciously well balanced blend of their cold brew coffee and cream soda.

The following recipe can be tweaked as you see fit, to fit your flavour preference.

  • 4-6 ice cubes in a Brandy snifter shape glass (I’m using a beer glass from The Pike Brewing Company in the pictures)
  • 4-6 drips of Bittered Sling Moondog Bitters (it’s got a great smoky taste to it that works really well with the coffee)
  • 2oz gin (I favour Okanagan Spirits Gin for 99% of the gin cocktails I create)
  • 8oz Fernwood cold brew coffee cream soda

Add the ice to the glass, drip the bitters over the ice and swirl. Pour the gin over the ice then top up with the cold brew coffee cream soda to taste. For a more smoky taste add more bitters. For a stronger gin-botanical taste add a little less cold brew coffee cream soda. For a non alcoholic version just omit the gin.

Okanagan Spirits are a distiller based in the interior of BC. Their award winning gin has an impressive balance of flavours and their venues in Kelowna and Vernon are beautifully designed with incredibly friendly staff.
Bittered Sling are an amazing local bitters company creating bitters for cocktails in a wonderful selection of flavours.
Fernwood is a fantastic coffee roaster based in Victoria, BC. Their venue is fun, their food is excellent and their coffee is always well made and presented.
The ice was made by me and I’m obviously great too, mostly due to my uncontrollable modesty.