Cast your vote in the 2019 Snobby Awards

Cast your vote in the 2019 Snobby Awards and win $25 to spend in 35 Amazing Coffee Shops

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting real sick of the years FLYING by so damn quickly. It feels like I only just held the 2018 Snobby Awards for best coffee shop. Not to mention Best Coffee Roaster and Best Brunches. Since then I’ve managed to get myself onto TV, become an Oatmilk expert on the radio and started a monthly coffee club!

I run at a loss, as my way of giving back to the coffee community. A lot of people ask me how they can financially support this site and my answer is always – go and buy some coffee using Siply! Which leads me nicely onto…

And first a word from our sponsor

This year the Snobby awards are sponsored by Siply, my new company! It’s an app I built to help you find the best coffee shops in the city, then save you oodles of cash on drinks inside them. When I say the best shops, I’m talking Nemesis, Pallet, Timbertrain, Kafkas, Rocanini, Spade, KAHVE, Olive and Ruby and so many more (35 at the time of writing). Anyway, if you want to support this site and keep it free of ads then get yourself the app and use it to buy your drinks! You’ll save money and I get a little kickback every time you use it.

To celebrate the 2019 Snobbies, I’m giving away $25 of Siply credit to four lucky people that vote in this event. More on that below.

The 2019 Snobby Awards

Aka ‘The Snobbies’, these are awards given to local businesses after a yearly poll of thousands of readers. Last year we had almost 5000 votes and it was fascinating to watch the individual shops campaign for their place in the top 10’s. This year I’ve actually prepared some images for them to use on social media. So expect to be sick of hearing about these awards by the time Christmas rolls around!

Coffee Shop Owners, Roasters and Brunch Spots

OK I know this poll isn’t perfect, but to help you get the word out about this poll I created some assets for you to post on your Instagram feeds. These images and a video should help you get the word out (don’t forget to link to in your bio).

Win Some Coffee!

I mentioned earlier that I’m also giving away $100 of coffee. Those of you that vote in the below poll AND enter your email address at the end get entered to win one of four $25 vouchers to spend at any of the 25 coffee shops in the Siply app.

Cast your vote in the 2019 Snobby Awards and win $25 to spend in 35 Amazing Coffee Shops:

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Voting closes on the 26th December.

When are the winners announced?

I’ll be announcing the winners of this poll starting on the 27th of December, ending on the 29th. So keep an eye on social media or better yet, go and sign up for my newsletter and get alerted before anyone else.

In conclusion…

To all of you that have supported me on my quest to grow the coffee scene in Vancouver in my own daft little way, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Every single one of you that  reached out to me to say they enjoy my childlike writing, terrible grammar and awkward MC’ing has impacted me for the positive. In ways you’ll probably never know.

I started this blog out of boredom and the need for a hobby. It evolved into something way more important than that. While I own and pay for the site, I’ve always considered this more of a community-owned resource than something I want to hoard for myself. As far as I can tell it’s now the biggest coffee shop blog in Canada. I’ve been told over and over that the site is responsible for coffee shops gaining new customers. So I hope that it can provide value for years to come. I can’t do it without you though. So keep the feedback coming and go watch my Friday Instagram Story roundups!

Love Tom aka Vancouver Coffee Snob