Brews & Beats Vol. 2: The Nightcap Before Christmas

Brews & Beats Vol. 2: The Nightcap Before Christmas

The Coffee Potluck crew are back and this time it’s brewsonal!
This Friday and Saturday they’re hosting a coffee and booze themed pair of evenings at the legendary Nemesis coffee shop.

Coffee Cocktail

Expect coffee crafted stiff drinks, some DJ skills from Chapel Sound and grub from Jacob from the Nemesis kitchen.

Coffee Cocktails

Where: Nemesis Coffee, 302 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2N4
When: Friday 8th and Saturday 9th December, 7:30pm until 11:30pm
Tickets: None, it’s free! Just turn up.

Also there’ll be an opportunity to taste a Fair-trade organic Peru, El Millagro – roasted by Kris Wu.

Here’s the official poster:

Brews and Beats 2 Poster

And here’s the official blurb from the CPL crew:

Coffee Potluck and Nemesis Coffee present Brews & Beats Volume II, the Nightcap Before Christmas, this season’s hauntingly festive cocktail experience.  This is a unique two-night pop-up where coffee is whimsically woven through liquor in unexpected cocktails and accented with mixed tracks.

Guests will be welcomed into a dimmly lit, minimalist, Nemesis Cafe on Hastings.  The intriguing ambiance and sensory intrigue will include tantilizing coffee-inspired cocktails, artfully crafted by Propaganda Coffee’s William Wang and Kris Wu, while listening to beats spun by local Chapel Sound members.

Building on the fun events like Capps for Cocks n’ Coochies (the adult themed latte art competition); and Vancouver’s first Coffee Mini-Fest and Western Canada’s Aeropress Championships,  this event promises to heighten intrigue for all cocktail drinkers, while attracting a community of taste-focused foodies.  Complete with paired music, this is our second annual take on cocktails; dive deep into coffee, cocktails, and music with us.  Welcome to our living room, where good company, café, bar, and lounge intersect.

1. “We Wish You a Merry Mocha” – think Peppermint Mocha
Flamed Jameson Irish Whiskey, Espresso, Carmelized sugar, Mint Chocolate crème
2. “Smoked Apple Cognac” – mulled apple cider 
Rum, Cognac, Dry Curacao, Spiced apple syrup, Blend of Red & Golden Delicious & Gala apple juice (Blend of 3 apple juice, clarified), Smoked with oak
 3.   “Ode to my Love”
Rum, Red Vermouth, Amaro, Iced Coffee, Aqua Faba, Honey, Vanilla