The Vancouver Coffee Snob is an anonymous coffee shop reviewer based in Vancouver, BC.

This blog was started due to a general lack of decent coffee blogs that cover the Vancouver area. Sure ‘Vancouver is Awesome’ and similar blogs do some great feature pieces on the various coffee shops in our fair city, but this blog aims to expand on that and create a database of everything cafe related in town.

We intend to stay completely anonymous, so we don’t have any external factors in our review process. The best way to get a good review with us is to be a good coffee shop and brew the best coffee in town…. oh, and clean your damn bathrooms.

On that subject, you’ll find a short piece in most reviews about the state of the coffee shop bathrooms. We firmly believe that if you can’t keep your bathrooms clean then you probably can’t keep anything else clean.

If you’d like us to visit your establishment please let us know here: [email protected]